The Annual Meeting workshops conducted in January of 2024 were recorded via zoom. These recordings are available to view.
The list below contains links that will take you to a folder with recordings of the Virginia SAR 2024 Annual workshop and any supporting document presented during the workshop conducted via Zoom.
  1. Chapter Admin / Treasurer Training  Presented by Bruce Meyer-TNJ, Gary Dunaway-WBG, and Rick Elofson - TNJ
  1. Member Clicks for Compatriots Present by Bruce Meyer-TNJ and John Gullion - GWC
  1. Pomeroy Grant Program  Presented by Michael Rhodes - RHL
  1. America 250 SAR  Presented by Tim Dioquino - FFR
  1. Patriot / Compatriot Graves  Presented by Thad Hartman - CWG and Dale Corey - CJW
  1. Americanism Reporting  Presented by Dale Corey - CJW
  1. Veterans Affairs  Presented by Dale Corey - CJW and Forest Crain - FFR
  1. Awards and Eagle Scout Recognition  Presented by Ken Hawkins - NFK
  1. PRS Update and The VASSAR-Related Patriot Program  Presented by Jamie Callender - GWS
  1. Role of the Chapter Registrar  Presented by Bill Haskins - RMD
  1. Keys to an Effective Meeting Using Parliamentary Procedure  Presented by Robert Fish -NSSAR
  1. Hosting a Day-Long Genealogy Workshop for Your Community  Presented by Bill - CMM & Cat - Virginia DAR Schwetke
The Virginia SAR is grateful for the Compatriots and DAR member who volunteered time to bring the workshops to you.
Please note some recordings are not published by request of presenter.