The PRS is a combination of the previous NSSAR Patriot and Graves Registry (Online), NSSAR Revolutionary War Graves Registry (Book and CD), information from the NSSAR Patriot Index CD (2002), and additional information and updates from various State Grave Registry Databases. This database will continue to expand as new patriots and graves are found and new members are approved.

Please be aware that the Patriot and Grave Registry is NOT a comprehensive list of all the individuals who served in the American Revolutionary War, nor is it an indication than an SAR membership application (Record Copy) exists for every Patriot listed herein.

This database is available for the purpose of general research and assisting with the SAR membership process. The sources contained within this database are NOT acceptable as proof of service for an SAR application. You must still find the original reference to the service when submitting an SAR application.

There are several ways to search for information on this system:

Search for Patriots - Search the database based on Patriot Name, Patriot Number, and other criteria.

Search for Members - Search the database based on a SAR member. This allows for viewing all known descendants of a given member.

Search for Descendants - Search the database based on a Descendant name. A descendant is someone who sits between a SAR Member and a Patriot in their lineage. This search is a work in progress, as not every record has lineage data in this database today, and won't be included in the results.

Search for Biographies - Search the database specifically for finding Biographies that have been submitted. Search results are limited to those Patriots who have had a biography submitted. 

Search for Cemeteries - Search the database for Cemetery records based on Cemetery Number, Cemetery Name, and other criteria.

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