Virginia SAR Social Media 

The social media program by the Virginia SAR should amplify the benefits of SAR membership and activities through a series of continued and ongoing engagements across multiple platforms.

Beyond posting stories on the various platforms, the social media program seeks to support the following:

  • Lead by example and create engaging content for the general public, the community and membership
  • Amplify the social media postings of our chapters
  • Create content that supports SAR Patriotism, SAR History and SAR Education programs.
  • Create content that supports the American 250 program initiative and 250th Anniversary of the United States!

Our State Society's Social Media Accounts

YouTube Channel - @jeffthomas9931 [link]

Facebook Page - @VirginiaSAR1776 [link]

X / Twitter - @VirginiaSAR1776 [link]

Our Chapters' Social Media Accounts

Visit our inventory listing of national, district, state and chapter websites, newsletters, and social media accounts.

Our Social Media Champion

Contact David Harrity, Virginia SAR Social Media Champion, to learn more about story ideas, administrative features, best practices or if we need to update our listings

Before a chapter creates a new social media account, please submit your proposal on any new social media to the state champion for review, suggestions, assistance, approval, and to update the inventory.

Recommended Social Media Hashtags and Best Practices

In addition to #hashtags, which allow your posts to be cross-referenced and found by many others who may not follow your social media pages, the following is suggested:

1.  Use Account Links of the Places or Organizations mentioned. Locate the Social Media account of the location of the event, this may be an account of a state park or regional park authority, a city or town's government site or department.  For Facebook posts, you may need to "Like/Follow" the page first, before starting your own post.  Each platform (X vs Facebook) may have different account names for a given organization/location.

2.  Use #Hashtags to Amplify Your Message and Be Found! Hashtags on Facebook, X and YouTube (any platform, really) enhance your impact and outreach. Use no more than 2-5 in any one post. Some recommendations specific to the SAR and Virginia include:

  • In General: add:  #AmRev #RevWar #VA250 #America250SAR #Location (e.g., #RichmondVA or #RVA; #LoudounCoVa, #Williamsburg; #WytheCoVA); #VirginiaDAR (when prominent) #VirginiaCAR (when prominent)
  • For Patriotic programs (i.e., gravemarkings, flag ceremonies, commemorations, anniversaries):  add: #SARPatriotism, #VirginiaSARColorGuard (when prominent); #CityTownNameVA; #NameofPatriot (if famous).
  • For Educational programs (History Day, youth awards)  add: #SAREducation, #Scouting, #EagleScout, #NameofSchool, as appropriate.
  • For Historical programs (anniversaries:  add: #SARHistory, #NameofPatriot (#GeorgeWashington, #PatrickHenry); #NameofBattle (i.e., #BattleofYorktown #BattleofGreatBridge; #FairfaxResolves); #AmRev; #CityTownNameVA 

#SARHistory related postings on Social Media are ideal for those that show the deep history of our Patriot ancestors. Best used when to use:

  • “On This Day” (in History) or #OTD #OnThisDay Posts
  • Birthdays of a Patriot ancestor of one of your Compatriot members or your chapter's namesake 
  • America250, VA250 and Anniversary events (e.g., Fairfax Resolves, Anniversary of Battles, Speeches)
  • YouTube video promotions – from content by National SAR, chapters or our own.

3. Add Value when Reposting Messages from Others.  If you see another organization post about an event that SAR attended, use the "Quote/Reply/Repost" options to add value to the post. Perhaps, that organization did not mention Virginia SAR (or its chapters) involvement or a link to @VirgniaSAR1776 -- now is your chance!  Add a photo of chapter compatriots in colonial attire to dramatic effect!

4. Follow other SAR Accounts.  For example, on your YouTube Channel, you can now add Featured Accounts to your Page. See the "Community" tab in the YouTube Channel's Design Studio Page (for admins).  Select the Customize Channel > Customization > Featured channels" area to (at a minimum) add the National and State Society accounts. See the YouTube channel of @GeorgeWashington_VirginiaSAR  as an example.

5. Timing (of the Day) Matters. Various online resources on social media suggest that posts generated by non-profit organizations should be posted between 9 am to 3 pm Monday to Friday.  While many SAR programs occur on the weekend, this advice is sound and will usually result in higher levels of readership as compared to a post sent a 7 pm.  Each platform allows the ability to schedule a posting.
6. Americanism Report.  Social media posts from other organizations that reference Virginia SAR and your chapter qualifies may qualify for Media Coverage. Additionally, the number of social media posts from your chapter's social media account(s) are scored.  Keep track of these opportunities.

Embedded Content from YouTube, Facebook and X:

YouTube - Virginia Declaration of Rights 2024 - ceremony held at George Mason's Gunston Hall


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