How to Join the Guard

Come Join the Colors!

The Spirit of '76 by Compatriot Archibald Willard, 1836-1918

Compatriots who wish to join the Guard can find out additional information and points of contact on this webpage. 

If you are interested in becoming a Guardsman, you should first inquire with your chapter’s color guard.  If your chapter does not have a color guard, then contact the appropriate Regional Color Guard Commander. 

The Guard is led by a Commander appointed by the President of the Virginia SAR and is organized into four regions: Northern Virginia, Eastern Virginia, Central Virginia, and the Frontier (Southwest Virginia).  Each has a Regional Color Guard Commander responsible for SAR color guard activities within their assigned areas.  [Please refer to the attached document for the regional chapter assignments.]

The Regional Color Guard Commanders are listed as follows (click on link to send an email):
We hope you will consider joining the Guard!

Brett Osborn                                                                       Dale Corey
VASSAR Color Guard Commander                                    VASSAR Color Guard Adjutant
Email: Commander                                                             Email: Adjutant