SAR/C.A.R. Activity Award and Liaison Committee

Activity Award

The National Society of the Children of the American Revolution (C.A.R.) is an organization of persons through 21 years of age who are lineal descendants of a patriot of the American Revolution. The C.A.R. is an independent organization which looks to the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR), National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), and General Society of the Sons of the Revolution (SR) for its leadership and financial support. The C.A.R. needs adult leaders, financial support, and members. SAR members may hold a “Senior Leader” office in a local-, state-, regional-, or the national-levels of the C.A.R. Direct descendants of SAR and DAR members (from birth to 22 years of age) are eligible for C.A.R. membership.

Every SAR chapter and state-level society should have a C.A.R. Chairman or Liaison Officer who focuses support and encouragement on this very worthwhile youth organization. It is encouraged to award the SAR, DAR, and C.A.R. members who give their time and effort toward supporting the C.A.R. This recognition can be given through the SAR or C.A.R. Medals of Appreciation or other appropriate medals for support and service to the C.A.R.

Interested SAR State Societies may apply for recognition of their C.A.R. involvement using the “C.A.R. Activity Award Form” (Linked below). Every local SAR chapter and state-level society should have a C.A.R. chairman or liaison officer who focuses on support and participation across our very aligned organizations.


C.A.R. Liaison Committee

The C.A.R. Liaison Committee is responsible for promoting the interaction between the SAR and the C.A.R. This effort includes:

  • Maintaining contact with C.A.R. officers and senior officers
  • Encouraging Virginia Society chapter support of C.A.R. societies
  • Encouraging Virginia Society members to become involved in C.A.R. activities
  • Recruiting male C.A.R. members to become active SAR members
  • Recommending the award of the C.A.R.-SAR Medal of Appreciation or Good Citizenship Medal to C.A.R. members and senior members

SAR-C.A.R. Medal of Appreciation

The SAR-C.A.R. Medal of Appreciation was created to improve camaraderie and support between our organizations.  The medal comes in three levels: bronze, silver and gold. In summary, these medals can be awarded to members and senior member of the C.A.R. as well as to SAR members in recognition of outstanding services rendered to a local, state, or national society of the C.A.R.

 For more information about this medal and other C.A.R programs in Virginia, see the 2023 Summer Bulletin - C.A.R. Issue.

C.A.R. Medal of Appreciation

Get in Touch!

For further information on the Children of the American Revolution (C.A.R.), local community activities, or how to become involved through membership or SAR sponsorship, please contact the National Society of the Children of the American Revolution through its website link below or contact your National SAR-C.A.R. Liaison Committee (Link to committee page).

Virginia Society C.A.R. Liaison Chairman: Lawrence E. McKinley ([email protected])

National C.A.R. Committee Webpage:

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