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From today's CJWII Chapter event for George Washington's Birthday at the George Washington, Headquarters in Winchester, VA.  Nice turn out from VASSAR Chapter Color Guards and local DAR Chapter.

The Power of Role Models


The Power of Role Models

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Bio of James (Ros) Poplar


Captain “Commodore” James R. Poplar III, USN (ret)

             Ros Poplar, USN, a native of Havre de Grace, Maryland, and son of a World War II submariner, graduated from the University of Mississippi in 1974.  He served in USS LEAHY (DLG 16) as Gunnery Officer, ASW Officer, and Navigator, and participated in the historic US/USSR ship exchange visit (Leningrad) in 1975.  Upon completion of this initial sea tour, he reported to Vanderbilt University as an NROTC Instructor.  After receiving a Master of Science degree in Engineering Management, Captain Poplar reported as the pre-commissioning Operations Officer in USS LEWIS B PULLER (FFG 23). 

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has (L to R) John Lynch, Williamsburg Chapter SAR President; Mr. Stephen Sears aka James Lafayette, the Guest Speaker; Steve Holms,
Sgt-At-Arms, Williamsburg Chapter SAR and George Corbett, Chaplain, Williamsburg Chapter SAR. Photo by Karen Corbett.

3rd. February wreath laying ceremony honoring 24 African American New Kent County Revolutionary War patriots. It was hosted by the African American Heritage Society of New Kent County at the historic New Kent County courthouse. 


 L-R:  Willard Middle School Principal Dr. Michelle Campiglia, Julia Gross, Kayla Nguyen, Harshini Amaranth, Barry Schwoerer

Highly successful Brochure Contest coordinated by Sgt Maj John Champe Compatriot at Willard Middle School, Aldie, VA

Three Willard Middle School students were surprised on Tuesday, January 30 when they were called out of class to meet the school principal, several teachers, and a man dressed in Revolutionary War era clothing. The occasion was to recognize and reward students for their tri-fold brochures submitted for the SAR Brochure Contest. Kayla Nguyen's brochure was judged best of 557 brochures submitted for the contest. Harshini Amaranth's brochure was judged as the second-best brochure and Julia Gross' brochure was judged as the third-best brochure.  Each student was awarded a check and Certificate of Accomplishment. Barry Schwoerer, president of the Sgt Maj John Champe Chapter, Virginia SAR made the presentations.

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On January 31st, 2024, the General William Campbell chapter SAR had the honor of attending the New River Valley chapter meeting. Present from the New River Valley chapter SAR was Terry Blevins the chapter president who opened the meeting at the Adam Hance House. Also present were one of their compatriots and his wife, as well as a prospective member, Andrew Parr. Members in attendance from the General William Campbell chapter SAR were John Britton and Kevin Combs.

Once the meeting started, we had a program presentation on the Revolutionary War soldiers in the Pulaski area. This program was presented by April Martin. She was not only the director of the Wilderness Board Regional Museum but also a member of the Alleghany chapter of the Daughters of American Revolution and president of the 250th anniversary community for that chapter.

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“Richard Henry Lee Chapter President Michael Rhodes (center) is joined by Great Bridge Chapter President Donald Ferguson (left)
and Norfolk Chapter Past-president Robert Bruce (right) at Virginia SAR banquet dinner

Representatives of the Richard Henry Lee Chapter (RHLC), Virginia Society, Sons of the American Revolution (Virginia SAR) and local chapters of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR) and National Society of United States Daughters of 1812 (NSUSD1812) attended the Virginia SAR’s 134th Annual Conference at the Omni Richmond Hotel in Richmond, VA over the weekend of February 9th.  Local representatives included RHLC President Michael Rhodes, NSDAR Augustine Warner Chapter Regent Alison Johnston, and The State Librarian, Virginia DAR Dr. Cheryl Davis.

Twenty-two of Virginia SAR’s thirty chapters were represented at the conference.  In addition to Virginia SAR, NSDAR, and NSUSD1812 attendees, there were also representatives from the National Society Children of the American Revolution (C.A.R.), spouses, and other guests.

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Ft Harrison participates in naturalization Ceremony

E Pluribus Unum


I recently had both the pleasure and honor of participating in a Naturalization Ceremony where 43 former immigrants from 26 separate countries became citizens of the United States of America. It was the first such ceremony I ever attended, and I assure you it will not be the last. The two hours spent in that court room will be forever etched in my mind as one of the moments that made me proud to call myself an American.

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2024 Crossing of the Dan

Col James Wood II Chapter comemorates the Battle of the Cowpens

photo is the color guard presenting the colors, l. to r. Michael Wilson, Richard Tyler, Paul Christensen and Jim Cordes (photo courtesy of Stacey Bassett.

On 13 January 2024, Colonel James Wood II Chapter conducted a commemoration ceremony commemorate the  Battle of Cowpens.  The battle was fought 17 January 1781 at a field in South Carolina known as the Cowpens.  General Daniel Morgan led the colonial forces against Lieutenant Colonel Banastre Tarleton and his elite regiment of the British Army.  Morgan and Tarleton came from different backgrounds.  Morgan lived his life as a frontiersman, preferring the homespun clothes of the militia rather than an officer’s uniform.  He commanded respect and understood his men.  Tarleton, was raised in relative affluence in Liverpool, England, where his father was mayor.  He attended oxford University and was known for his athletic ability.  He wasted his inheritance and eventually purchased a commission in the British Army.  Morgan knew Tarleton was an aggressive, ruthless foe and the night before the battle, he moved among his men speaking to groups and individuals.  A true leader, he knew how to fight and motivate his men.  The result of the battle was devastating to Tarleton's force, resulting in 100 killed, 229 wounded, 600 captured.  This victory marked the beginning of the end of the British plan to conquer the South.   The ceremony was emcee'd by Marc Robinson with compatriots from the Colonel James Wood II, Colonel William Grayson, George Mason, Sgt Maj John Champe Virginia SAR Chapters; Sgt Lawrence Everhart Chapter, Maryland SAR; Fort Loudoun and Ketoctin Virginia DAR; Lawrence Augustus Washington;  and Providence Children of the American Revolution Societies and the Order of Founders and Patriots of America.   Virginia Society 1st Vice President William Greaf and Virginia DAR/SAR Liaison Kecia Brown presented greetings.  After a presentation of the colors, Robinson provided a presentation on the battle and wreaths were presented by the organizations.  The wreath presenters included from the SAR, William Greaf, VASSAR; Thomas "Chip" Daniel, Col James Wood II; Ken Morris, George Mason; William Schetke, Culpeper Minutemen, Jim Cordes, Fairfax Resolves; Michael Wilson, Col William Grayson, Ken Bonner, Sgt Maj John Champe and Gerald Harris, Sgt Lawrence Everhart.    From the DAR, Kecia Brown, Virginia DAR/SAR Liaison; Vice Regent Elizabeth Greaf, Regent Susan Lauer, Fort Loudoun; Regent Stacey Bassett, Ketoctin; Jodell Wilson, Providence.  From the C.A.R. William Collins, Lawrence Augustus Washington and Jocelynn Wilson, Providence Society.  They were followed by Doug Hall, Order of the Founders and Patriots of America.  A musket squad led by Commander Brett Osborn and Vice Commander Ken Bonner comprised of 11 compatriots fired a three round salute in honor of Daniel Morgan and his decisive victory over the British at the Battle of the Cowpens.   Additional ompatriots who participated included Brian Bayliss, Sean Carrigan, Paul Christensen, Rick Collins, Jim Cordes, Dale Corey, Dennis Parmerter, Tom Reed, Will Reynolds, Richard Tyler, Mike Weyler and Ryan Williams. 

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The Richard Henry Lee Chapter (RHLC) of the Virginia Society of the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) met on December 12th at Historic Christ Church in Weems.  Seventeen members and guests attended the event, including Virginia Society SAR President Ernie Coggins.

Following lunch, RHLC President Michael Rhodes reported on general chapter events of the past year. Chapter Secretary Stuart Kramer then conducted the election of chapter officers to serve in 2024.  Those elected were Michael Rhodes as President, Rev. Dennis Martin as First Vice President, Dirk Metzger as Second Vice President, Richard Manson as Third Vice President, Stuart Kramer as Secretary, and Dr. Todd Dabney as Treasurer.  Virginia Society SAR President Ernie Coggins then performed the induction ceremony for the newly elected officers.

The next schedule meeting of the Richard Henry Lee Chapter will be held on March 12, 2024 at Historic Christ Church in Weems, Virginia. The luncheon meeting is open to the public. 

The Sons of the American Revolution is a male lineage society that honors our Revolutionary War patriot ancestors by promoting patriotism, serving our communities and educating and inspiring future generations about the founding principles of our Country.  Those interested in joining the Sons of the American revolution may contact Michael Rhodes at [email protected].


From left, President Michael Rhodes, 1st VP Rev. Dennis Martin, 3rd VP Richard Manson, 2nd VP Dirk Metzger, Secretary Stuart Kramer, Treasurer Dr. Todd Dabney, Virginia Society SAR President Ernie Coggins

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On Dec. 4, 2023, Bruce Laubach, president of the Williamsburg Chapter Sons of the American Revolution presented a Certificate of Recognition and SAR Scholarship Application package to Eagle Scout Nathaniel Horton at a Court of Honor of Troop 414 at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Norge, Virginia.  Harley Stewart was also present, but not pictured, representing the Williamsburg Chapter.




Ronald Miller, Michael Doucette, Tatton Mason, Ronald Adolphi, and William Dorn, receive a Certificate of Appreciation from President Bruce Laubach.

Ron Adolphi and Gary Dunaway receive Distinguished Service Certificates from President Bruce Laubach.


Compatriot's Steve Holm and Ron Adolphi receive their Life Membership certificates presented by President Bruce Laubach.


The Lydia Darragh Medal is presented to Kathy Dunaway for her service and support to the Williamsburg Chapter VASSAR by President Bruce Laubach.  This Medal is given to the lady who has provided significant service to the Chapter President during his term of office.

, the following members received the Rober Sherman Bronze Medal. John Lynch II Vice president, Steve Holm Seargent at Arms, Hunt Berryman Registrar, And Bruce Laubach President of the Williamsburg Chapter.  The medal is awarded in appreciation for service to the SAR. It is awarded in recognition of, and in appreciation of, outstanding services rendered to the chapter.

President Bruce Laubach presented the Roger Sherman Bronze Medal Oak leaf clusters to Eric Ely, Jim Morford Chaplin, and Roger Cross III past President.

President Bruce Laubach presents the Distinguished Service Medal to Treasurer Gary Dunaway.





SAR participants at National Cemetery, standing l. to r.  Brett Osborn, Doug Hall, Dave Cook, Paul Christensen, Jim Cridge, Richard Tyler, Bryan Buck, Jim Cordes, Erick Moore, Richard Collins, Eric Robinson, Allan Phillips and Marc Robinson.  Kneeling l. to r. Thomas "Chip" Daniel and Dale Corey.  (Photo courtesy of Larry Clowser Webb.) 


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Photo are the SAR participants with law enforcement and Mayor Charles Harbaugh.  (Photo courtesy of Marc Robinson.)

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On 21 October 2023, the Culpeper Minutemen Chapter conducted a muster to commemorate the Culpeper Minutemen during the Revolutionary War.  Michael Weyler, 2nd VP, Virginia Society presented greetings.  He mentioned the unit began due to the Boston Port Act.  In Virginia, this was an attack on the  colonies ability to engage in free commerce and their liberties.  Next, the Virginia House of Burgess declared 26 May 1774 a day of prayer and fasting to acknowledge the plight of Bostonians.  Lord Dunmore then dissolved the House of Burgess.  On 1 August, the first Virginia Convention passed resolutions supporting non-importation of British goods and non-exportation of colonial goods to Britain.  In March 1775, the Second Virginia Convention, produced guidelines for defensive action.  The third convention met in July, authorizing the creation of Virginia military districts  This led to the formation of the Culpeper Minute Battalion.  Compatriot Bill Schwetke presented their story.  Culpeper completed its battalion with a company of riflemen.  They were required annually to conduct two 12-day battalion training periods and monthly four day company training sessions (except for the three winter months).  The battalion was led by Colonel Talliaferro, Lieutenant Colonel Stevens and Major Marshall.  Four companies were led by Captains Buford, Jamison, Reverend McClanahan and Williams with the company of riflemen commanded by Captain Green. 

They began training September 1775, then marched to Williamsburg, arriving 21 October.  They wore hunting shirts the color of leaves, that were emblazoned with "Liberty or Death", carryed a flag emblazoned with a rattlesnake, the words "Don't Tread on Me" and Patrick Henry's "Liberty or Death".  On 25 October, British ships attempted to bombard Hampton.  Captain Buford took a company of riflemen, stationing them in a house at a breastwork.  At daybreak, the ships arrived to begin bombardment.  They were met with accurate, withering fire.   British sailors could not man their guns, which led to the ships fleeing to safety.  As a result of the Culpeper actions, they captured the British ship, the Hawk Tender.  Returning to Williamsburg, they joined Colonel Woodford's 2nd Virginia Regiment and marched to block Great Bridge south of Norfolk. At daybreak 9 December, a company of British grenadiers charged across the bridge.  The Culpeper Minutemen, led by Billy Flora, a free black man from Princess Ann County stopped the attack, causing a British retreat to Norfolk and the safety of their ships. 

In existence for 15 months, the Virginia Legislature disbanded the battalion in December 1776.  Their actions at the Battle of Great Bridge, along with their service at Hampton and Norfolk, significantly impacted the outcome of the Revolutionary War.

Dignitaries included Culpeper Mayor Frank Reaves, Jr. and Supervisor Tom Underwood.  Wreaths were presented by Virginia State, six SAR Chapters, (Culpeper Minutemen, George Mason, Fairfax Resolves, Norfolk, Col James Wood II and Sgt Major John Champe) and  DAR from Culpeper Minute Men, Fauquier Court House and Lanes Mill Chapters.  A musket squad fired a salute in honor of the men of the Culpeper Minute Battalion. 

Photo are SAR participants at Culpeper Minute Battalion monument, l. to r. Mark Crain, Brett Osborn, Charles Jameson, Chip Daniel, Dave Cook, Mark Sink, Ken Morris, Ken Bonner, Bill Schwetke, Jim Cordes, Mike Dennis and Mike Weyler.


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Williamsburg Chapter Activities

At the Williamsburg Chapter, SAR meeting and luncheon on August 12th, Chapter President Bruce Laubach presented the SAR Bronze Eagle Scout Fund Certificate to Ron Adolphi.

The Robert E. Burt Boy Scout Volunteer Award is a national recognition approved by the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR). It is presented Ron for his outstanding dedication to the Scouting Program.

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