During the month of January 2023, the Colonel James Wood II Chapter of the Virginia Society Sons of the American Revolution presented Certificates of Appreciation to three Senior Living Facilities.  These facilities had the chapter provide presentations to the residents throughout 2022.  The presentations provided were the Battle of Cowpens (January), George Washington (February), National Vietnam Veterans Day (March),  Patriots Day (April), Armed Forces Day (May), Memorial Day (May), Flag Day (June), reading the Declaration of Independence (July), the Constitution (September), Siege of Yorktown (October), Veterans Day (November) and Crossing the Delaware (December).  Compatriots from three chapters had participated during the year to provide educational and historic information about the colonial era.  From the Colonel James Wood II Chapter, Dale Corey, Bill Schwetke of Culpeper Minutemen and Barry Schwoerer of Sgt Maj John Champe joined Thomas “Chip” Daniel, Allan Phillips, Marc Robinson, and Richard Tyler.  The ceremonies consisted of an opening prayer, the pledge of allegiance and the historical presentation.  Compatriots took turns relating information and answering questions.  At the end of the ceremony, all would join in singing "God Bless America".  This was followed by a question and answer session.  The senior residents appreciated the efforts and often kept the members beyond the allotted time frame.  In recognition of their support to the Sons of the American Revolution and our educational goals, Certificates of Appreciation were provided to Commonwealth, Greenfield and Hidden Springs Senior Living Facilities.  Hidden Springs was represented by Mary Poe and given the certificate on 12 Jan.  For Commonwealth, Andrea Williams, Executive Director received the certificate on 20 Jan and on 21 Jan a certificate was presented to Meda Patton, Executive Director of the Greenfield facility.  The members of the SAR are greatly appreciative of the participation of the organizations. 

First photo is Thomas "Chip" Daniel presenting a Certificate of Appreciation to Anrea Williams, Executive Director, Commonwealth Senior Living Facility.  (Photo courtesy of Chip Daniel.) 

Second photo is Mary Poe, Hidden Springs Senior Living Facility receiving recognition from Thomas "Chip" Daniel.  (Photo courtesy of Chip Daniel.) 

Third photo is Meda Patton, Executive Director, Greenfield Senior Living Facility receiving a certificate from Bill Schwetke, Dale Corey, Allan Phillips, and Richard Tyler.  (Photo courtesy of Allan Phillips.)

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