Guard at Order Arms, l. to r. Thomas "Chip" Daniel, Gary Hodges, Ken Morris
, Forrest Crain, David Westenberger, Michael Wilson and Chris Melhuish

On 15 September 2023, the Colonel James Wood II Chapter,  conducted a grave marking ceremony to honor patriot Robert Wood.  The ceremony was conducted at the Wood Family Cemetery at Glen Burnie,  Museum of the Shenandoah Valley.  Robert Wood was born in Frederick County in 1747, the son of Colonel James A. Wood, Sr. (founder of Winchester) and Mary Rutherford.  Robert became a farmer and eventually the owner/operator of Glen Burnie Estate.  In 1774, he married Mary Rutherford and they had five children.  During the Revolutionary War, he served as paymaster for  12th Virginia Regiment under the command of his brother, Colonel James Wood II.  Later, he provided 2000 lbs of hay for the Continental Army and 28 gallons of Brandy which was issued to Maj Charles Magill, Virginia State Garrison Regiment.  During the last decade of the 18th century, Glen Burnie burned to the ground.  In 1794, Robert rebuilt the mansion.  It survives to this day as part of the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley with gardens and outbuildings.  This was a highly successful estate and the Woods were leaders in the community social life.  At the time of his death in 1801, the Glen Burnie plantation was a large farm, one of the wealthiest households in Frederick County at that time.  His wife, Comfort continued to manage the property until she passed away in 1840.  Both were buried in the family cemetery located on the property of the plantation.  The ceremony was emceed by Paul Christensen with Paul McComb as chaplain.  Greetings were presented by Virginia State President Ernie Coggins; Mid Atlantic District Vice President General James Engler, Sr; Virginia  DAR Vice Chair DAR/SAR/S.R. Relations Anita Bonner and Virginia C.A.R. Past President Will Elston.  A tribute to Robert Wood was presented by Dale Corey with Grave Dedication by Chris Melhuish and Bob Bruce.  C.A.R. compatriots Will Elston and Jocelynn Wilson unveiled the headstone.  Wreaths were presented by compatriots from 18 SAR Chapters, four DAR Chapters and the Providence Society of the C.A.R.   Chris Yohn and Jocelynn Wilson led the singing of "God Bless America" prior to the closing remarks.  Additional participants from the Col James Wood II Chapter included Brian Bayliss, Sean Carrigan, Chip Daniel, Doug Hall, Patrick Moore, Brett Osborn, Allan Phillips, Will Reynolds, Jim Simmons, Richard Tyler.  Other SAR participants included William Lee Popham (Florida Society), Pat Kelly (French Society and Thomas Jefferson), Dave Cook (German Society), Forrest Crain, Larry McKinley (Fairfax Resolves), Ken Bonner, Barry Schwoerer, Mark Sink (Sgt Maj John Champe), Gary Dunaway, Robert Laubach, John Lynch, David Westenberger (Williamsburg), Gary Hodges (Thomas Nelson, Jr), National Treasurer General Mike Elston, Mark Jackson, Rand Pixa, Tom Roth (George Washington), John Hamilton U Jeremy Utt (Col Fielding Lewis), Ken Morris (George Mason), Edmund Davidson, Paul Parish (General Daniel Morgan), Bill Schwetke, Doug Schwetke (Culpeper Minutemen), Mike Weyler, Mike Wilson (Col William Grayson), Robert Bruce (Norfolk), Philip Barnard, Chris Yohn (Richmond). Jarred Marlowe (Col George Waller). Randy Atkins (Fort Harrison).  


photo is Chris Yohn and Jocelyn Wilson leading the singing.  (Photos courtesy of Brian Bayliss.)






photo is the Virginia State Color Guard presenting the colors, l. to r. Brett Osborn, Bill Schwetke and Allan Phillips

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