The Virginia SAR Musket Squad firing a musket salute.


On 16 September 2023, the VASSAR Color Guard created a reenactment of Captain Daniel Morgan's Beeline March.  The ceremony was sponsored by the Colonel James Wood II Chapter with participation from four SAR societies, 18 SAR Chapters, four Daughters of the American Revolution Chapters and two Children of the American Revolution Societies.  In 1775, the Second Continental Congress authorized the establishment of 10 rifle companies recruited from local militia. Virginia responded by forming the Frederick County Riflemen commanded by Captain Daniel Morgan and the Berkeley County Riflemen Commanded by Captain Hugh Stephenson.  The original plan was for the two companies to travel together with Stephenson's command in the lead.  Morgan made the decision to leave prior to the Berkeley Company’s arrival  at the designated meeting point.  They were to come together at "Morgan's Spring" near Shepherdstown to begin the march to Cambridge.  On 15 Jul, Morgan and his men left the camp and marched 600 miles in 24 days, reporting on 6 August 1775.  When Washington saw the dust covered riflemen file into camp, he asked Captain Morgan where they came from.  Morgan's response was "From the right bank of the Potomac, sir!"  Washington inspected the ranks, shaking hands with each of the riflemen. 


The march was from the George Washington Hotel on to the Old Stone on Piccadilly Street.  The church is where Daniel Morgan was originally buried in 1802.  In the churchyard, a camp had been constructed with General George Washington (Phil Williams) meeting his staff as the marchers were led up the hill by Daniel Morgan (Brett Osborn) with bagpipe and drummer.  The General's staff were depicted by Dave Cook, Dale Corey, Mike Elston, Chris Melhuish, Ken Morris and Darrin Schmidt.  After arrival, Washington inspected the troops followed by a wreath presentation ceremony commemorating the occasion.   A musket squad fired a three round salute and Chris Yohn lead the singing of "God Bless America”.  Morgan's men were formed for a return march to the Hotel.  49 color guard compatriots from the VASSAR Chapters included Col James Wood II (Brian Bayliss, Bryan Buck, Sean Carrigan, Paul Christensen, Richard Collins, Dale Corey, Chip Daniel, Kelly Ford, Doug Hall, Erick Moore, Patrick Moore, Allan Phillips, Will Reynolds, Eric Robinson, Marc Robinson, Chase Tyler, Richard Tyler, Walker Tyler); Nansemund Indian Patriots (Tom Badamo); Sgt Maj John Champe (Ken Bonner, Barry Schwoerer, Mark Sink); Fairfax Resolves (Dave Cook, Forrest Crain, Larry McKinley, Darrin Schmidt, Jeff Thomas); Patrick Henry (Mark Day); Williamsburg (Gary Dunaway, John Lynch, David Westenberg); George Washington (NSSAR Treasurer General Mike Elston, Mark Jackson); Col Fielding Lewis (John Hamilton, Steve Boulton); Thomas Nelson, Jr (Gary Hodges); Thomas Jefferson (Pat Kelly); George Mason (Ken Morris); Gen Daniel Morgan (Paul Parish); Culpeper Minutemen (Mark Crain, Bill Schwetke, Doug Schwetke); and Col William Grayson (Michael Weyler, Michael Wilson).  VASSAR President Ernie Coggins, Mid Atlantic VP General James Engler and C.A.R. Past President Will Elston were honored guests.  Camp followers were Rachel Bayliss, Georgeanna Moore and Michelle Phillips (DAR). 


General Washington with his staff and Honor Guard

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