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243rd Commemoration of the Battle of Waxhaws (Buford’s Massacre)
Buford''s Crossroads
Lancaster, SC USA
Saturday, May 27, 2023, 10:30 AM EDT

Host/POC: Francis Marion Chapter SCSSAR/ Greg Ohanesian, (843) 479-7193
Location: Buford, SC.
Details: This is a national-level event sponsored by the General Francis Marion Chapter, SCSSAR.  The Battle of Waxhaws (also known as Buford's massacre) took place during the American Revolutionary War on May 29, 1780, near Lancaster, South Carolina, between a Continental Army force led by Abraham Buford and a mainly Loyalist force led by British officer Banastre Tarleton. Buford refused an initial demand to surrender, but when Tarleton's cavalry attacked his men, many threw down their arms to surrender. Buford apparently attempted to surrender. However, the British commanding officer Tarleton was shot at during the truce, causing his horse to fall and trap him. Loyalists and British troops were outraged at the breaking of the truce in this manner and proceeded to fall on the rebels.  While Tarleton was trapped under his dead horse, men continued killing the Continental soldiers, including those not resisting. Little quarter was given to the patriots/rebels. Of the 400 or so Continentals, 113 were killed with sabers, 150 so severely injured they could not be moved, and the British and Loyalists took 53 prisoners. "Tarleton's quarter" became a common expression for refusing to take prisoners. In some subsequent battles in the Carolinas, few of the defeated were taken alive by either side. This 'Battle of Waxhaws’ became the subject of an intensive propaganda campaign by the Continental Army to bolster recruitment and incite resentment against the British. Equally plausible accounts of the battle by soldiers from both sides describe Tarleton as having no part in ordering a massacre as he had been trapped under his horse. When freed, he immediately ordered thorough medical treatment of American prisoners and wounded.