VASSAR Accident-Incident Report (form)
Used in a serious accident-incident (e.g., fractured/broken bones, laceration, falls as a result of losing consciousness, dislocations, resuscitation, hospitalization, use of ambulance, musket/edged weapon safety incident, etc.). Accident-Incident forms are not required for minor injuries such as scrapes, bruises, sprains, etc. The person filling out the form should make a digital copy with their smart phone and email/text the form to the point of contact listed on the wallet card. Or send to the Color Guard Commander.  The original completed form should be mailed to the POC as instructed.  PLEASE ENSURE THAT SEVERAL DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHS/VIDEO OF THE INCIDENT ARE TAKEN, IF POSSIBLE AND SAFE TO ACCOMPLISH.
Accident-Incident Report Form
Heat Index Tableheat_index_chart.pptx
Heat-Related Illness Symptoms and Actions Chartheat_related_illness.pdf
Virginia SAR (draft) Color Guard Handbook (Version 13; February 2024)
Please provide feedback to the Editor, at this link: Editor.  If you provide feedback as a statement or recommendation, please provide a reference or citation for your comment or suggestion. Thank you for helping improve our Handbook!

VASSAR Color Guard Playbook (Version 13) -- UPDATED November 2023
The attached document is in development and will grow over time. The intent is to provide a standard approach to key (and recurring) SAR CG events. It is advisory, not prescriptive, in nature. The playbook introduces the concept of dividing participants into a Color Guard and an Honor Guard, especially for those events where many flags are carried and musket men are present. (Note: (participation in either group counts the same for CG credit/points). This concept was trialed in 2021 at the Battle of Great Bridge and was discussed at the annual CG workshop in February 2022.
VASSAR_Color_Guard_Playbook_-_v13 pdf
NSSAR Color Guard Handbook (Version 09/12/2020)
The document is the current National Society SAR Color Guard Handbook.
NSSAR Color Guard Training Videos
These professionally produced videos feature VASSAR Guardsmen.
The United States Order of Precedence
The attached 2020 document from the U.S. Department of State's ceremonial Division provides guidance on the proper order of precedence (to include Native American Nations on pages 12-13). 2020-order-of-precedence-final.pdf
Order of Precedence for Hereditary Orders / Societies
Attached is a comprehensive list of the order of precedence of hereditary societies and orders (ranking by the date established/founded). Source: NSDAR. hereditary_societies_list_by_founding_year.docx
VASSAR State Event List
Two Types of State SAR Historical Events in Virginia
• State-Sponsored Event – a national SAR event held in Virginia and hosted by the Virginia Society. The Virginia SAR President serves as the host and typically participates in the program. The Virginia SAR President appoints the host committee chairman and all planning committee members.
•State-Designated Event – a SAR event deemed historically significant to the Revolutionary War in Virginia. An event in which the Virginia SAR President or other designated state officer represents the Virginia SAR. The host chapter President appoints the host committee chairman and all planning committee members. vassar_state_events.pdf

NSSAR National Event List
NOTE: A local event celebrating Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Veterans Day may be counted as a National Color Guard event to apply for a Color Guard Medal. Only a single event on each day may be counted. Multiple events on the same day cannot be counted multiple times. If the event is on the weekend nearest the actual holiday, that can be counted concerning the single event limitation. For example, if a Veterans Day Parade occurs on a Saturday, such as the 8th, then an event on the 11th does not count. National Level CG Events

NSSAR Insignia, Protocol, Ceremonies, and Rituals Handbook (effective February 6, 2022)

Title 4 U.S. Code, Chapter 1 -- The Flag
The principal reference for proper display of the Nation's Flag. title_4_usc.pdf

Department of Defense Instruction 5040.19, Vol. 3:  Community Outreach Activities: Honors to National Symbols; Annual Patriotic and Military ObservancesDoD's reference that includes wreath-laying commemorations for past U.S. Presidents.

5040.19, Vol.3
U.S. Army Drill and Ceremonies Manual (TC 3-21.5)
The VASSAR Color Guard's primary reference for contemporary commands and movement, when used. tc3_21x5.pdf
National Park Service
"Manual for the safe use of reproduction flintlock weapons in historic weapons demonstrations":


The 250th Recognition Award Program
The recognition program is designed to encourage and recognize those compatriots, chapters, and societies participating in local, state, national, and international events that publicly educate, recognize, honor, and celebrate the events and heroes of the period surrounding the American Revolution. Participation involves the planning and execution of these events and attendance. The medal covers the celebration of any event’s 250th anniversary where said event related directly to acts of resistance to British attempts to coerce the residents in America: from the first Parliamentary Acts protested after the conclusion of the French and Indian Wars, through the armed struggle of the American War for Independence, to the ratification of the Treaty of Paris by the Continental Congress. This, therefore, will cover any public celebrations in the period from 2014 to 2033. The form may be submitted to cover multiple years and, following the first submission, be presented in numerous years, only covering activities since the previous request. Scorekeeping is the responsibility of each compatriot and awarding authority. You will receive an email authorizing the purchase from merchandising. The guidelines and points are described in the pdf file below: 250th-anniversary-form__1_.pdf

Color Guard Workshop Presentations
Download the files below for information on suitable Color Guard uniforms and supplies

2017 Color Guard Conference WorkshopDownload File

2018 Color Guard Conference Workshop Download File
2022 Color Guard Conference Workshop at the Annual Conference   workshop_2022_cg.ppsx

2022 Color Guard Conference and Zoom Workshop at the Semi-Annual Conference   vassar_color_guard_workshop_zoom.pdf
2023 Color Guard Workshop Post Annual Conference


2023 Color Guard Town Hall / Workshop Post Semi-Annual Conference

2024 Color Guard Town Hall / Workshop Post Annual Conference

Other Materials
Betsy Ross and the Hopkinson Flags
Betsy Ross and Hopkinson Flags_Peter_Ansoff  ...and a second article here:  Hopkinson Flag  (go to page 7)

VASSAR Color Guard Recruitment Video - for broad Chapter use (e.g., Facebook, Websites, etc.)

Period drill - Von Steuben

Period drill primary reference - "Exercise of Arms in the Continental Infantry" by Ernest. W. Peterkin, Capt. USN (Ret.)

How to clean your muzzle-loader (video)

Partial List of Vendors (for period clothing and gear)
The link will take you to a partial list of vendors that Compatriots have used, and it is taken from the NSSAR SAR Colorguardsman Magazine.  Please feel free to add to this list by contacting the VASSAR Color Guard Commander.
List of Vendors
NSSAR Medals, Awards, Certificates (Handbook Vol. V)
NSSAR Vol V_Medals
NSSAR Color Guard Committee 
This link will take you to the NASSAR CG Committee page, which includes the NASSAR CG Handbook, information on medals, and copies of the NASSAR Color Guardsman Magazine:

VASSAR Black Powder Certified Guardsmen