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Introduction to the Monthly Health Tip



            To introduce myself as your new Surgeon General, I will share my background as a physician.  I am an MD graduate of the University of Iowa College of Medicine, Iowa City, Iowa, I completed a Family Medicine Residency at Ball Memorial Hospital, Muncie, Indiana, and earned a Masters in Health Science Education.  I entered the military as an Air Force Flight Surgeon during the Viet Nam era with the rank of Major, and then entered private practice at the time of my discharge.  After two years, the University of Iowa recruited me from practice into teaching; I remained at the University of Iowa for 17 years having served as Professor and Head of the Department of Family Medicine.  Moving to Lynchburg, VA, in 1999, I directed the Family Medicine Residency and Geriatric Fellowship for Centra Health until my retirement in 2012.  Volunteer practice at the Free Clinic of Central Virginia followed until full retirement in 2018.  I remain board-certified in Family Medicine and fully Licensed in Virginia.

            Education and scholarship have always been key elements of my career in medicine and I am pleased that, as your Surgeon General, you have provided me with a further opportunity to teach.  My plan is to create a monthly column about health on the VASSAR web site with a health tip, response to any emergency group need for medical advice (vis-a-vis the Covid pandemic), or provide education on any medical topic you might request.  My email is [email protected] and your thoughts and comments are always welcome. 

Charles E. Driscoll, MD

Surgeon General, VASSAR


 Spring Leadership and Trustees Meeting 2023


The Spring Leadership meeting in Louisville, KY, held from March 2-5, was attended by 17 Virginia SAR compatriots including Chancellor General Mike Elston, VPG Pete Davenport, PG Joe Dooley 2013-14, Trustee Jeff Thomas, Alternate Trustee Bruce Meyer, President Ernie Coggins, 1st Vice President Bill Greaf, Secretary Tim Dioquino, Assistant Secretary Forrest Crain, C.A.R. Liaison Chair Darrin Schmidt, Genealogy Committee Chair Bill Schwetke, Reenactor & Living History Committee Chair Brett Osborn, Ken Bonner, SGM John Champe President, David Cook, Ken Morris, Larry McKinley and first time attendee Mike Wilson, Col. William Grayson President.


Events at the meeting included the Executive Committee, Museum Board and Foundation Board meetings on Thursday, committee meetings and the opening banquet on Friday, and the Trustees meeting and closing formal banquet on Saturday.


Report of the Virginia Society Trustee

Trustees Meeting – March 4, 2023


The Board of Trustees took the following actions during the business meeting:

  • Approved the Investment Policy statement and allocations.


The Board of Trustees received the report of the Executive Committee. The following actions were reported by the committee:


  • Approved the Credentials and Registration rules for the 2023 Congress

  • Approved the Revolutionary War Rarities podcast as an official program of the SAR

  • Approved the use of the SAR logo on Henry commemorative rifles for America 250

  • Pre-approved the use of the SAR Eagle logo by states and chapters on all memorials.

  • Approved the Investment Policy statement and allocations.


The Board of Trustees received the report of the Nominating Committee. The following compatriots were nominated for the following national officers:


President General       John Dodd of California

Secretary General       Darryl Addington of Tennessee

Treasurer General      Michael Elston of Virginia

Chancellor General     Edmon McKinley of Alabama

Genealogist General   Gary Green of North Carolina

Registrar General       Allen Greenley of Georgia

Historian General       Brooks Lyles of North Carolina

Librarian General        Fred Olive of Alabama

Surgeon General         David Chaffin of Tennessee

Chaplain General        Dwight Elam of Florida

Foundation Board       Bruce Pickette of Alabama

Foundation Board       Jeff Thomas of Virginia


The Board of Trustees received the report of the Minuteman Committee. The following compatriots have been named Minutemen for the Class of 2023:


Bob Fish of West Virginia

Ken Goodson of Michigan

Allen Greenley of Georgia

Dave Jessel of Georgia

Lee Popham of Florida

Lou Raborg of Maryland


Committee Reports:


  1. America 250 SAR Committee reported that thirty-one states have established 250th committees.

  2. Color Guard Committee reported the Color Guardsman of the Year is Allen Greenley of Georgia.

  3. Congress Planning Committee – new credentials process approved for 2023 Congress – states will submit delegate list to National by May 1; all credentials will be issued at Congress. Registration for Congress should be available by mid-May.

  4. Genealogy Committee has approved an expansion of the use of DNA evidence, requires the use of a genealogist certified by the committee, seeking approval of the Executive Committee.

  5. History Committee has approved the History 250 program plan, a new Liberty Tree 250th marker program and a list of America 250 SAR Signature Events. The Historic Sites & Celebrations committee approved the Battle of Springfield, NJ, as a national event.

  6. IT Committee reports that a Digitization Specialist is being hired.

  7. Merchandise reported than Ranger Industries, a U.S. based and veteran owned company, has been selected to produce all SAR medals.

  8. National Dues Billing Task Force reports that two systems are being evaluated for potential national use: Member Clicks in Virginia and Club Express in Florida.


New Business:


An informational presentation was made on a proposed dues increase recommended by the National Dues Task Force. The Executive Committee has accepted the recommendation of the task force for an increase in dues of $15 from $35 to $50 to be proposed to the membership at the Annual Congress. The last dues increase was 2015. The purchasing power of the dollar has declined by 24% since the last dues increase. In addition, flat membership growth in the past 5 years has led to deficits in our annual operating budget, including a $292,000 deficit in 2022. A dues increase will help fund the resources needed to implement the SAR 5-year operational plan and prevent a reduction in our programs. Any dues increase approved at the 2023 Annual Congress would become effective for 2024.


The Annual Congress will be held in Orlando, FL, from July 13-20, 2023. The Fall Leadership and Trustees Meeting will be held at the Brown Hotel from September 20-24, 2023.

VASSAR wins The Grahame T. Smallwood, Jr. Award

The Grahame T. Smallwood, Jr. Award is presented to the state-level society with over five hundred members judged having the best periodical or newsletter with more than ten pages.


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George Washington Chapter Conducts Grave Marking Ceremony for Phillip Richard Fendall

On February 18, the George Washington Chapter honored the memory of Patriot Phillip Richard Fendall by dedicating a memorial marker in the garden of his home, the Lee-Fendall House in Old Town Alexandria.  The actual location of Fendall’s grave is unknown but believed to be in either of two places in Alexandria.  The Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Historic Resources graciously funded the marker as well. Patriot Fendall was born in Charles County, Maryland in 1734 and was related to the famed Lee family of Virginia.  During the Revolution he served in public service positions including Clerk of Charles County, election to the Convention from Charles County, and serving on the Committee of Observation for Charles County.  In 1784, he bought land from Revolutionary hero, and his cousin, Light Horse Harry Lee and constructed his home on Oronoco Street.  He was a business partner of George Washington in the creation of the Potomac Canal Company and Washington was a visitor to the house.  Due to this close connection, it was decided to dedicate the monument on Washington’s birthday weekend.


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